I hope that seeing this work has given you something.  Any comments, especially laudatory, are welcome.  I ordinarily do not work on assignment, but am open to suitable proposals.  Inexpensive (or at least less expensive), unsigned reproductions of my work can be obtained via other websites.  Where photographs are concerned, high-quality archival prints are available directly from me or from the non-online galleries that represent me.  (I'l be glad to refer you to them.)  These are either gelatin-silver prints made in the darkroom by traditional means, or pigment prints made with a digital inkjet printer, always made personally by the artist, and signed and numbered as parts of limited editions of such prints.  In either case, prints are rigorously made to archival standards.  For detailed information, inquire, describing the nature of your interest.  Your email address and other information will be kept in strictest confidence.

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